Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Babka???

Yet another recall!  Did you buy one of these shirts?

Happy Shirts is recalling Big Movers Super Car toy trucks that were given away with the purchase of a Big Movers navy t-shirt in boys’ sizes S, M, and L between February and March 2012.  The 4-inch long blue trucks have over-sized tires and a flashing light on top and were sold with a yellow, red and blue logo on the hood.  Connections in the toy truck's battery compartment can smolder or catch the trucks on fire, posing a fire and burn hazard to consumers. 

Although the recall notice says additional information can be found on the Happy Shirts website, I only found a link pointing back to the recall notice.  It doesn’t look like a replacement will be given out; however, for instructions on returning the truck for a refund, contact them by phone toll free at (855) 354-2779.

If you received one of the recalled toy trucks and are successful at obtaining a refund, please come back to this post and comment on your experience.

Be on the lookout for our first give away coming up next week.  I’ll give you a hint…it will involve items made from one of my favorite fabric collections—Spa by Rosemary Lavin.

Have a great weekend!

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